Winter Skincare

First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR! What a crazy, and often times unbelievable, year 2016 was. Looking back, I am incredibly grateful for the experiences the year brought, and love the uncertainty of what lies ahead. I wish you all a prosperous and happy 2017!

When the dry winter air rolls in, it brings with it perpetually dry and dehydrated skin and hair. Unfortunately, this time of year those two call for a little more T.L.C and maybe even an extra product or two to keep them smooth and moisturized until the spring. Here are a few suggestions for what I’m using this winter that maybe you’ll find useful as well.


I was recently introduced to the IGK line of hair products and I absolutely love them. Not only do they smell incredible, but each product does what it intends to. This Hydrating Hair Balm, which is made for medium to thick hair, helps lock in moisture after a wash and protects my hair from the cold dry air. I can tell a huge difference when my hair air drys and isn’t wiry and hay-like, but also when I blow dry and it’s smooth and soft without needing to use the flatiron.  Regardless of the weather, a nickel-size drop of this product will be a great tool year round, in addition to the occasional coconut oil mask.



One of the few places during the winter that can’t be shielded from the cold is my face. I noticed a difference right away when the weather changed, so I didn’t hesitate to grab some reinforcements. I picked up this concentrated serum by Boscia, the Tsabuki Splash Mask, that I apply under my moisturizer and foundation. It is an oil so I wait a minute or two before starting the next steps of my routine, but haven’t had an issue with my face being too oily (If your face is naturally oily, an option with this product is filling the sink with water and mixing one pump of the serum in to the water, then splash on to your face and pat dry). I use it both in the morning and at night before bed. BUT before you can start treating your dry skin, you have to exfoliate away the dead skin on top. I am trying out an exfoliant I received in my Birchbox that I’m still uncertain about, but using a Clarisonic is a great exfoliator or even this Clinique scrub, or the classic St. Ives scrub.  Once you’ve sluffed away the dry skin, you can start treating what’s underneath. TIP: Don’t forget your neck! Too many women focus only on moisturizing their face, but your neck and chest show signs of aging and need just as much attention.



The same rule of exfoliating before moisturizing applies to your body–you have get rid of the dry layer on top before treating and maintaining what’s underneath. For this I use a dry body brush daily before I get in the shower. It is an inexpensive tool that not only keeps your skin healthy but also has several health benefits that you can read about here, such as detoxing, energizing and reducing the appearance of cellulite. And if you dry brush before shaving, you’ll get the closest shave and wonderfully smooth legs.  You can find many types of dry brushes on Amazon like this one, this one or this one. TIP: Always start at your feet and brush towards your heart.


Let me know if you have a favorite product you’re using to get you through the winter months!

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