Co Co Sala

Last week was restaurant week in Washington D.C., which means several of the best spots in town are offering a limited three-course menu at a great price to show case some of their food. It’s a wonderful opportunity to try somewhere you wouldn’t typically choose, or is  a bit outside of your price range. From the suggestion of a coworker, Gabe and I tried Co Co Sala, a restaurant and chocolate boutique that incorporates their in-house chocolate in to some of their dishes and cocktails. When I saw that the restaurant did a “Chocolate and Bubbles” happy hour, I knew they were the right choice for our date night.

Inside, the decor is dark (hence the hazy photos) and contemporary with red and deep browns to play on their chocolate theme. Low tables with plush backless stools instead of chairs. And two bar areas where they serve their signature cocktails. The restaurant has plenty of seating and is much bigger than I anticipated walking in.

IMG_6469 2

In keeping with their theme, and going against the rule of meal before dessert, the menu started off with a “frozen hot chocolate sip”. Rich and delicious! We’ve been trying to find a recipe to make it at home.

IMG_6467 2

There were four cocktails featured on the special menu, which was perfect to divvy up between the two of us. Three were citrus based with cilantro,lime, or cucumber (my favorite!). And one was strawberry based with a gorgeous chocolate covered strawberry as a garnish.

IMG_6482 2IMG_6501 2IMG_6476 2IMG_6477 2IMG_6481 2

Our first course was a watermelon and feta salad. Perfect for a warm summer night.

IMG_6471 2

As you can see in the picture they snuck some chocolate in there as well.

IMG_6475 2

For our entrees, Gabe chose steak au poivre with rosemary and parmesan fries. I went with the salmon over rosemary polenta and braised collared greens. Both incredible!

IMG_6473 2IMG_6474 2

I got so carried away enjoying time with my Mr. I didn’t take any pictures of our desserts! I can assure you they didn’t disappoint. The menu gave two options so we got both so we could share. Gabe had the roasted pineapple tres leches that came with a lime meringue and pineapple sorbet. Bright, fruity and refreshing. I, of course, went with more chocolate and got the “Chocolate Onyx”. Dark chocolate mousse, vanilla creme brûlée, and brownie. I mean… I have no words.

As we were looking over what the normal menu would offer, we noticed they had a champagne and chocolate pairing flight. As if we hadn’t had our fill of chocolate for the MONTH, we got one. We weren’t in love with the champagne choices, but it was so fun to try. And their chocolate is amazing.

FullSizeRender 14

IMG_6470 2

If you’re in the D.C. area I would definitely encourage you to stop by, especially for dessert and one of their delicious cocktails. Maybe you’ll catch us there too, because we will definitely be back!

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