Book Review: 3 Novel Recommendations

Reading is one of my favorite past times and always has been. I can get lost in a story for hours, reading every chance I get and staying up into the wee hours of the night unable to put a book down. Don’t even get me started on the Harry Potter series – I basically went into hibernation. I may or may not have even faked a sickness to stay home and read at some point too. While I have many favorite books, some new some old, these three novels kept me completely enthralled whether I was laughing or biting my nails in anticipation.

I know summer is nearly over, definitely over for some, and the season for beach reads has come to an end. But we all still need a little mental getaway at the end of a long day, and I’d be willing to bet these won’t disappoint.



Big Girl Panties, by Stephanie Evanovich

If you love romantic comedies then you will love this book. The main character is a witty wisecracker named Holly who is a widow in her early 30’s. We find her at a very low point as she not only just lost her husband, but her grief has given way to an unhealthy, reclusive lifestyle. Through the uncomfortable closeness of airplane seating, she becomes acquainted with an incredibly attractive man who is a successful trainer to professional athletes. You are immediately introduced to Holly’s dry humor with her self deprecating jokes, but Logan, the trainer, doesn’t buy into it and thinks he can help turn her life around. The story follows their relationship and not only the physical, but mental transformation Holly undergoes with more than a few laughs and awkward moments along the way. As a lover of rom coms, I couldn’t put this book down and read it cover to cover in two days. Holly is so relatable and I just love a story about a sassy girl who fights through a tough time and comes out on top. It’s an easy read but an enjoyable one with many underlying themes. I will warn you, there are a few R rated scenarios. It’s not Fifty Shades or anything, but just so you aren’t caught of guard.



Girls in White Dresses, by Jennifer Close

This book is what 20-something year old dreams are made of. It tells the story of three friends entering adulthood and enduring the pressures that come along with it with a sense of humor. The novel jumps between each of the three main characters’ perspectives offering insight to their personal and professional struggles that we can all relate to. And if you can’t personally relate to it, I would be willing to bet you have a girlfriend that is just like either Isabella, Mary or Lauren. Their stories are hysterical and I was LOLing through each chapter, and I know you will too.


Inferno, by Dan Brown

Dan Brown is one of my favorite authors and I have followed along each of Professor Langdon’s adventures since The DaVinci Code. This genre is quite a leap from the hilarious “chick novels” I’ve previously recommended, but this action packed mystery will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. And as you can tell by the wear and tear of the book in the pictures, both my husband and I have dug into each page relentlessly trying to keep up. Inferno kicks off with Professor Robert Langdon in a hospital in Florence, Italy, although we don’t know why he is there and neither does he. He wakes with amnesia and is being hunted for reasons you will uncover as the plot unfolds. Immediately, the story takes off with twists and turns that leave Professor Langdon in more of a mysterious mess than he has been in his previous detective work. My husband and I picked up this book when we were traveling in Italy two years ago, so it was very cool to feel like we were walking in Langdon’s shoes. If you’ve ever been to Florence, consider it a bonus because this will be even more vivid for you. I would jump on this one quickly if you like to read novels before they become movies, because the film comes out this October.


I would love to hear about your favorite books! Send me your recommendations, I’m always looking for a good read to get lost it.

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