Chelsea Highline & Market


My final days in New York City were mostly filled will organizing and packing. But I did take a couple hours one day to check a to-do off my list, and that was visit the Highline in Chelsea. The Highline is an elevated park built on an unused portion of what was once the West Side Line and is just under 2 miles long. The park offers exceptional views of the Hudson River as well as Chelsea and the Meatpacking district below it. I find it so relaxing to just walk in the city and take in the sights and sounds and this experience was no different. The architecture on the West Side of Manhattan is gorgeous dating back decades. The old buildings and brick streets scream classic New York and I just love walking amidst the history of it all.



It was a hot gloomy day, but that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the walk. The city has taken care to display art along the park, and I think you’ll agree there was one piece in particular that was a bit disturbing.


People were stopping to take pictures with this one ^, myself included. But not before stopping in their tracks, unsure if it was a real catatonic person ha! So good. So creepy.


If you’re ever in New York I would encourage you to put this on your must-see list. The views really are something else.


From the Highline you can easily access the Chelsea Market, which is another must-see in itself. There are more than 35 vendors of little eateries, spice markets, cheese shops, artisanal donuts you name it! Locals and tourists alike enjoy the market so be sure to have your patience pants on because it gets pretty crowded.

DSC01362DSC01354DSC01349DSC01341DSC01326DSC01337I couldn’t resist picking up the Chelsea Market Cookbook on my first visit. It’s an eclectic mix of recipes and tips and tricks that always make me think of my walks through the market. If you like to cook and try out daring recipes I would definitely recommend this book for your collection.

What are you favorite spots in New York? I miss the city so much since our move to D.C. but I know i’ll be back soon!




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